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Hello Everyone!

Legion is here and a lot of our raiders have spent a lot of time doing all they can to prepare for raiding. That's great! We've had a few questions about what the requirements are going to be for raiding, So thats what this post is going to be about!

First of all, 3rd relic slot should be obtainable by everyone, and is therefore a requirement. No exceptions.

The second big thing is your item level. We are going to have 845 as a guideline, But for obvious reasons of how the rings and neck works, we are going to accept if you have a 820 ring with a socket with perfect stats over a higher ilvl with bad stats. We trust in your ability to make your character as good as it can get!

The normal requirements still apply. Read up on fights, Come prepared with Flasks, pots and 375 food! Enchants (Back + Rings, And Warlords of Draenor neck enchants AT LEAST.) and gems (blue gems, no greenies).

We are also going to be harsher on the attendence this time around. The raid starts 20:00 server time. If you are not there on time, you are not counted into attendence for the evening. Same goes if you have to leave early for whatever reason. We were a little to gentle on giving out attendence during HFC, And attendance is one of criteria for our performance reviews and affects selection for raid spots. The mythic mount will also be given it based on attendance again

We would also like to remind everyone with a few guidelines of things that are going to help your character progression a lot.

Artifact Knowledge is SUPER important. If you fall behind on this, you are falling behind a lot. Done every 5th day, But can be "prepared", so you need to log in every 9 days.

Daily Random HC gives a big chunk of Artifact Power which is a good idea to do every day. Same goes for the big World quests.

Suramar is a great source for Artifact Power as well as needed to unlock Court of Stars and Arcway mythic only dungeons.

While we will not have a requirement on how many artifact traits you have unlocked, we do want you to have as many as possible unlocked by the time raiding is released.

If there's any questions, feel free to talk to any of our officers!


Axxym posted Aug 29, 16

School's Out For Summer

Axxym posted May 18, 16

Hotter weather and shorter skirts can only mean one thing:  Summer is right around the corner.  Uni's are probably out or at the very least close to being out.  It's a great time of year.  Long weekends, friends, family, vacations, tasty beverages, sunburns.... what more could you ask for?

That said, with a Legion release date now announced (August 30, 2016), and these tingly summer feelings brewing deep within our bellies, we've decided to break from officially scheduled raiding.

With that in mind, our last officially scheduled raid will be June 1, 2016.  In these next few weeks we'd like to push for full clears if we can - mostly for shits and giggles - but also for a few new recruits to benefit from some "extended" hours.

We will return to scheduled raiding on the day that the pre-patch for Legion is released.  Those failing to return on that day without forewarning an officer of your absence will be moved to the Retired rank and can retrial if and when you decide to come back.

A sincere thank you to everyone who had the patience to stick around for 20+ Archimonde kills - it means a lot to the guild and your guildies.  For those of you that will just miss out on the mount, you'll be first in line when we return for the pre-patch (if history is any indication the mount will still be a 100% drop chance until Legion is actually released).

Finally, this doesn't mean the guild will die in the meantime.  I'm sure there will be plenty of people sticking around so anyone interested in creating events and getting a group going, feel free to use the in-game calendar, the website, and/or the facebook page to make it work. 

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